Film & Video

We make stuff. We had to channel our energy into something; we would’ve exploded otherwise (or started a band or something).

So yeah, we do the whole thing. The whole shazam. Script to screen. Long form, short form. Whatever lights your (house)fire. 

We’re especially into conceptual and multimedia film work, documentary-style video content, or (to use a term we had to ban around the office) ‘explainer videos’.

If this sounds so much like what you’ve been looking for that you think we might have bugged your device (we probably haven’t):


Feast thine eyes upon our fine selection of delicious 2D and Cel Animation offerings.

When we’re not designing, rigging and After Effects-ing, we’re painstakingly animating frame by frame to achieve that edgy, hand-drawn, ‘we-care-about-our-work’ look that people can spot a mile away amongst the current visual information overload. That, and because we’re masochists.

You’re into it. We’re into it. Let’s just really get into it together, hmm?

Motion Graphics

This is where we join our nerdy data visualisation and visual communication skills, and our cooler-than-thou motion and graphic design skills in unholy matrimony for your audiences’ viewing pleasure.

Whether you need an animated logo, infograpic, a title sequence, event visuals, or whether you just need help laying down the factz in such a way that even a brainwashed sheeple could understand, we’ve got the stuff. 

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